Available Works
Fall 2021


Listed here in the order above are the painting's details and where they can be purchased:

Exploring the Grand Canyon 40x36 (Coors Western Show
Bright Angel Descent 36x48 (Coors Western Show
A Ranch in Colorado 12x25 (Saks Galleries
A Wintery Day in Colorado 24x18 (Saks Galleries
Rajasthani Village Girls (Jack Meier Gallery)
Childhood Brook 24x30 (Jack Meier Gallery)
Snowy Dash 6x16.5 (Coors Western Show)
Lookout 9x12 (Coors Western Show)
Lead Wrangler 24x20 (Coors Western Show

Made for Artists

Part two of Rajasthani Village Girls is now available on Made for Arts. Combined with part one, seven hours of instruction is available on painting a double portrait. Another available video is a two part painting for a Grand Canyon scene. This website is a subscription based site showcasing video teaching from many leading artists of today.  Quang Ho, Dan Sprick, Susan Lyon, Scott Burdick, Lori Putnam, Adrienne Stein, Anna Rose Bain and I have instructional videos available on MFA. The subscription for the site is $30/month or $300/year. This is an amazing resource to learn about painting.

To subscribe, please use this link - https://mfa.studio/sign-up/raj-chaudhuri

Petrof Piano Makers
TBD, Czech Republic

I am going to have a solo show of paintings dedicated to the craftsman and the piano making process at Petrof Piano in the Czech Republic. Here's a sneak peak. More information to follow soon. 

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